Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I remember a funny story

Thank you all for your good wishes.Shents,you reminded me of a story about my aunt and uncle.They went to Greece a few years ago and decided to hire pushbikes and go exploring.As it was absolutely baking hot my aunt felt faint and sat down to cool off and to help her do this my uncle poured his bottle of orange pop over her head.!!From nowhere came a swarm of midgies who homed in on ths sugary pop and bit the daylights out of her.A passer by stopped his truck and gave them and their bikes a ride to the doctors where she was pronounced fit but badly bitten from head to toe !!!!
It took a lot of grovelling before she spoke to my uncle again
The way to hell is paved with good intentions !!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Itch,Itch Itch

On Saturday I wore a poloneck top as it was cooler.after gardening i changed as it was warm and my neck felt uncomfortable.By the evening a few red spots had developed on my neck which itched like crazy.I took an antihystamine and spent a wakeful night.In the morning I looke in the mirror and could not belive it !!!My neck and face were covered in red itchy spots and we were due to go to our daughter,s for their Anniversary.We cancelled that and rang the cancer ward and were told to come down in case it was a reaction to my tablets.3 hours later after many tests we left with tablets and cream.An allergic reaction to the woolen poloneck !!!Still driving me crazy but going slowly.
Went to my usual appt with the Prof,bit worried as CT scan results had not come back by Friday.He was quite taken aback by my spotty face but assured me it was not the tablets.The CT scan stated that "tumour has grown" which he was not very pleased with (nor me) as they are supposed to state the measurements of each tumour so he is going to meet with radiologist to get a more detailed result so its carry on until we meet probably next week.Hope to go back on the higher dose as the tumours shrank then but unfortunately wiped me out.No gain without pain !!!!
Had a visit from our daughter and grandchildren so cheered up lots,just have to when they are here !!!So fingers crossed again.
Have to go and wash my face in iced water to cool the itching !!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bad week

What a terrible week for my friends on CC !!! Tony B and David waiting for such major surgery and Caroline and Dizzie faced with such choices and huge ops.Poor Trevor has lost his battle just as he was supposed to come home and so many new frightened people joining the forum.I keep trying to think of something original to say but keep going over the same cliches.
Far too much pain and suffering for these lovely people.

Monday, 6 September 2010

What is meant to be will be

Went to see Prof Wagstaff today for usual 3 weekly check.All OK,bloods fine so he advised staying on lower dose as I still have a slight cough.I had to read and sign an updated form to carry on with the trial.When I started the trial 20 months ago I was drawn to take the usual chemo drug,capecitabine on its own and others had cape. and sutent together.I was really disappointed as  I wanted everything I could get to zap this thing and felt that I was having second best,but that was how the cards were dealt.The cape worked well for 7 months then the tumours progressed which showed that it was no longer working so I switched to the trial drug,Sutent which I am still taking 28 weeks later.2 weeks after I started Sutent the trial was withdrawn as there was no difference in the results between the cape alone and the combined drugs but as i had only had the single drug I am still being monitored.The people who took both suffered bad side effects and are back on chemo so I was actually lucky to have drawn the single drugs.Sometimes it is better to go with the flow and accept what is given to us.
Went to see our grandaughter and had a long cuddle while her parents went shopping.I can never express how grateful I am to the people fighting my corner and keeping me alive for the last 3 1/2 years.Without treatment the survival time for my type of cancer is 1 year so I reckon Im one lucky woman,I have seen 3 grandchildren thanks to them.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Christmas is coming!!

Last year I heard of an American idea (a good one unlike party bags and such) which I started last Christmas.Every year you buy a really pretty Christmas tree bauble for your child or grandchild and put it in a keepsake box so that when they have their own home they will have beautiful decorations for their own tree. My hubby Ricky and myself will be going to Stratford upon Avon in a couple of weeks and there is a Christmas decoration shop there which is open all year and sells the most beautiful decorations so will need to buy 3 this year !
Had a cyber evening of drinks with Leonie and Caroline and Sara Friday to celebrate Leonies end of treatment,how she has suffered poor thing,and Carolines disapointing lack of results .It was really good fun. Tony B and David have such a time ahead ,things must go right for them and Dizzie.Far too much pain and worry with this horrible thing affecting the nicest of people.No rhyme or reason to it all.
Hospital tomorrow to see Prof.  Wonder what he has up his sleeve this week.Scanning machine has broken down so no scan tomorrow,just chat.
Rose xxx

Friday, 3 September 2010

Beautiful day

Started the day with a dental appt and then a visit to the school that i used to work in.No way can anyone stay down when they see the children that i used to work with,autistic,some in wheelchairs and not able to express themselves without help but able to understand that they will never be like the mainstream children.A whole lifetime not a few years of discomfort .That gave me the kick up the backside that i needed so went home and did some gardening and we went to pick blackberries,very good crop which are now cleaned and frozen for future tarts and crumbles.
My grandson started nursery today so his parents could stay as well.Thankfully he loved it and has a smashing teacher.She asked him if he has a best friend and he said yes ,my gran.Aaaaw.And he said "my sister,shes a bit of a lump to carry though ".Another milestone reached and I was here to know about it.
Really lovely sunny day,ironically the children are back in school and the sun comes out  !!
Actually bought a Christmas present today.Thats the start of it.!