Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Scan results

Appt. with Prof today and the last chemo has stopped working,hence the breathing problems worsening.Starting on Gemcitabine next week,unfortunately not tablet form but does not cause hair to fall out and is good for breast and lung cancer so fingers crossed. 7th chemo now so cant say we are not trying.Would be amazing if I could breathe properly,but really good that there were no hidden tumours anywhere.Hope everyone is coping with their own trials.What a lot of people on the forum now,takes ages to work through the list.Far too many people going through this.
Lovely to see the snowdrops and crocuses peeping through,a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

CT Scan

I have yet again to sing the praises of the people looking after me.Went for my scan today and was all wired up and ready to go,lay down and 20 seconds later had to sit up as I cant breathe laying on my back.So we waited a bit and tried again but no go .I said that i could lay on my front so the lovely staff spent the next 5 mins phoning various people and eventually came back and said it was OK.So I had my scan and they even found out that the computer flips the images so that they are the right way round. Without their concern I would not have had the scan so thank you Singleton hospital yet again.
Now the wait for the results to see if this chemo is working.Sometimes I think yes but judging by my breathing I have my doubts so we shall see.Next week it will be 4 years since I was first diagnosed and my life changed and all my plans went with it.Upwards and onwards !!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Good weekend

I saw the heart doctor on Thursday,talk about thorough !!!I was with him for 3/4 hour and had a heart trace and an echo.All good and no more fluid build up so now that i am off the Sutent hopefully it wont happen again.My pulse is fast though and because I am breathless the heart is beating fast but not poweful enough so I am going on a heart tablet to improve this.CT scan in 2 weeks so will have a full picture then.
Had a smashing time Saturday.It was my parents, 60th wedding anniversary and 30 family went for a meal.I love seeing the grandchildren together although Eleri was not happy that the 3 older girls on my brothers, side kept trying to carry her but no blood was shed and they all played happily.
Our 14 year old dog,Charlie has had a stroke,poor thing but this morning he got off his bed and is sitting in the sun.I told Harry that Gramps is taking him to the dog doctor and he looked at me and said "Do you mean the vet?".Put in my place by a 3 year old !!