Monday, 25 October 2010

So Unfair !!

I have just had an e.mail from a man I used to work with 4 years ago.i keep in touch every couple of months with 3 people from the day center where I worked with people with special needs.We worked closely with physios and OTs and one of the physio assistants died a month ago from cervical cancer,she was 31 and such a lovely person.I hate this bloody thing !!!She was far too lovely to have her life cut short like this.Rest in peace Nicola.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Coughed enough !

After weeks of coughing now and then which has built up gradually to almost constant coughing unless i lay on my tum or sit leaning forward,I rang my trial nurse.She had a chat with doctor and asked me to come to hospital for x-ray and to see doc at 3 oclock.Prof was not in today,so arrived at x-ray at 1.30,went in at 1.40 and went to see Dr. Maldi.He decided that the cause is the tumours in my chest which have increased in size and are pressing on my bronchial tubes so gave me cough suppressant medicine which i took at 4pm and i have only had 1 coughing fit since !!I have to ring Friday to let them know how i am.i really cant fault the care that i have had all through the 3 1/2 years,nothing is too much bother and I am never rushed even though the clinics are always full.I wish everyone had this level of care,I hate hearing stories where people have to put up with uncaring staff,not what you need at this point in our lives !Si gleton Hospital cancer care is definitely in the top 10.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Well we couldnt have picked a better few days to go away,the weather was gorgeous in Stratford Upon Avon.The hotel was fabulous and the food out of this world so all in all a huge thank you to Tesco voucher scheme for the £130 per night freebie !!We went on the open top bus guide andsaw all the Shakespeare houses and had a peaceful ride on the canal.I did not take my tablets so that i would feel human and guess what ?I came out in a rash on hands an feet which on the last day turned into blisters.My daughter rang to say that our grandaughter had hand foot and mouth virus which she had kindly passed on to my daughter and me !!It is accompanied by cold like symptoms but I would not notice as these are with me practically all the time I feel as if I have walked on Stinging nettles,Ah well at least we had a good couple of days.Thankfully Ricky hasnt caught it so he is looking after me!
Bought this years Christmas Baubles for the grandchildren from the Christmas shop but couldnt decide which ones so we have baubles for 2010,2011,2012 and 2013 !!They are so gorgeous it is impossibl to choose.
Waiting to see Prof to decide what is going to happen about the tablets,constantly coughing although chest is clear so wait and see what he decides.Happy Days.