Friday, 26 November 2010

New start

3 weeks ago i did not think i would see Christmas at a few points.I still have shortness of breath and have an appt to see the heart specialist next month and awful cough but feel better on this new chemo.Hopefully it will work !!I have 3 days of steroids which are great ,I can do small jobs then.Sutent did its job for 8 months and i am grateful but i am soooooooooooo glad to be off it.
Next round coming up.
Harry stayed with us last night and we put up the christmas decorations.He was so excited and really made things special.Love this time of year !!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New start

Started my new chemo today,Vinorelbine which is for breast and lung cancer.1 tablet once a week plus anti sickness and steroid.Quite looking forward to the steroid giving me a boost.Also came home with 2 painkillers as the growing tumours are pressing on the windpipe and causing pain an my neck and shoulder and toothache in all my bottom teeth so well looked after again !It is 2 years this week that I was rediagnosed so good going so far.
Going to stay at our daughters house tonight,havent seen the 2 grandchildren for 2 weeks due to my infection and then they had a cold so lots of cuddles coming up !!I have not avoided people with infections until now but need to use my head a bit more.Really annoys me as Debbie needs help if they are ill and thats when I have to stay away.Ah well.She is such a good mum.
Fingers crossed that this one works as well as the last 4 chemos,I am working my way through them all slowly !!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Time out

I have been feeling absolutely rotten since last week.A chest infection on top of the fluid on the lung and heart not up to scratch has knocked me for six and I have sleptfor 3 days and lost 1/2 stone.Feel a bit better today and glad to get back to my cyber family.Thank you all for being concerned and sorry for worrying you.
Had a bath and got dressed today which felt as if i had done a weeks work.How strange we are,in no control of our own bodies.What really annoys me is not being out in this lovely weather and missing my grandchildren.I dont know what i would do without Ricky looking after me.The worse part is knowing how I am worrying everyone.
Roll on next week when things should get better.
Dear Carole has her op this week and it MUST be a success,she will be missed greatly and we will all be looking forward to her next post.So much love her and her family.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I had my second Reiki session today.A third of the way through I felt a strange sensation across the bottom of my ribs and stomach,like a slight stretching feeling and then a light feeling.When it had ended I told the therapist and she said that is where the centre of feelings is and asked if I had recently had a decision or turmoil to think about.I told her about my results and felt totally fine afterwards about the next step.Coincidence perhaps but I definitely feel more acceptance now(not happy exactly but Ok)
Had to go the GP for a medical cert for DHSS.Cant have one without seeing doc so sat for 20 mins in a waiting area with 15 other people coughing,sneezing and complaining,which is worrying as I am supposed to stay away from any risk of infection.I cant even stand in the corridor away from others as I cant stand for more than a few minutes.Tried holding my breath but 20 mins was a bit too long!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Not the best of days

Went to see my oncologist today for the results of my last CT scan and echo test.My nurse rang me last week to tell me i had fluid around my lung and asked if I wanted it drained ,which I declined,and told me the scan showed concerns so was ready for some bad news.The heart echo shows the re is a reduction in the pumping due to the Sutent and there are spots in my lung and "something" on either my ovary or a lymph gland.So it is goodbye to Sutent and the trial ,thank you for the last 8 months.Have 2 weeks off (hooray)which will hopefully allow my bloods to build up and this infernal cough may go and then on to Vinorelbine,tablets again thankfully.
So on to the next stage of this lovely journey.
Fingers crossed.