Sunday, 29 May 2011


Sorry,I have tried to enter posts on your blogs Tony Lisa and Carole but something not right somewhere so will try to sort it soon.So sorry things are not good tont ,have sent you a PM.Carole,dont overdo things,you have been through a tremendous ordeal,as if I need to remind you !!!.Little steps.
Lisa,I remember when Debbie was about 6 (23 years ago)she was invited to a party and after 10 mins of"I sit by her in singing" and "shes got long hair" and various other descriptions I was non the wiser .Then she said"shes got a brown face",the last thing she thought of !!!so it is lovely as you say that they dont make an issue of things.
Take care all
Rose xxx

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Fabulous week

Well we arrived at the cottage on Fridayafter blood transfusion  and a week off chemo which was a huge help.Beautiful building with beams and sloping roof and horses in the field and best of all a sheepdog which loved children and followed Harry everywhere.Lots of food and wonderful company,seeing the children together and in the pool was a joy.Loads of fun but they all had to go back Monday evening for work. So quiet afterwards but nice to relax.Ricky and I stayed until Friday and I had a massage,perfect
Batteries recharged,wonderful birthday present being as I did not think I would even be here,so thank you my wonderful children for your kindness and thoughtfulness,I knew I had them for a reason !!!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hills and valleys

After another chest infection which has left me eating very little and having absolutely no energy (again)I asked to not have chemo this week as I just could not face it,even though it is quite a mild one.after taking my bloods they agreed that I should have a week off but needed a blood transfusion .So today i had 2 pints of the red stuff and what a difference!!I feel almost human again,which is just as well because the children(??  28 and 30) have booked a cottage for a weekfor Ricky and me and for the weekend with them and the grandchildren on a farm.While I was looking forward to it I was afraid of not being able to do anything but now I,m really excited.So  dont worry as I wont be on here for a week.
Hope you guys are enjoying the fabulous weather and managing to cope with all we have thrown at us.
I am going to have a bottle of Bishops Finger tomorrow in memory of David.
Take care lovely friends,will speak soon.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Back again

Thought it was about time I rallied myself and updated my blog.The tiredness was so bad that I kept meaning to type but kept putting it off until after my next sleep but as we know sleep while on chemo doesnt really make you less tired.Visited my GP as my arm was huge and I couldnt close my fingers,never suffered from lymphoedema before,but he looked at it and said it is more than that it ia cellulitis and infected from top to bottom which was why I was so lethargic on top of everything else.So 2 weeks of antibiotocs which were foul and tasted as I would imagine Athletes foot would taste.Finished those but within 2 days the infection started again so more antibiotics and I am now under the Lymphoedema clinic so all going the right way.
Chemo seems to be doing its job and the tumours feel slightly smaller so scan in May unless anything changes.I have hormone tablets to try to increase weight as I am now under 9 stone whereas I was 11 before.Had a lovely lamb dinner yesterday.We have an arrangement that as I cant cook now we buy it,my daughter and SIL come down and cook it and son and DIL clear up!!!Brilliant.We see the children and grandchildren and have a lovely meal into the bargain.I have always loved Sunday lunch and always cooked for us all so it is nice to have that again.
Lovely to see the sunshine and gorgeous flowers everywhere,a real boost.
Hope everyone is coping well with all that is being thrown at us.
Rose xx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Scan results

Appt. with Prof today and the last chemo has stopped working,hence the breathing problems worsening.Starting on Gemcitabine next week,unfortunately not tablet form but does not cause hair to fall out and is good for breast and lung cancer so fingers crossed. 7th chemo now so cant say we are not trying.Would be amazing if I could breathe properly,but really good that there were no hidden tumours anywhere.Hope everyone is coping with their own trials.What a lot of people on the forum now,takes ages to work through the list.Far too many people going through this.
Lovely to see the snowdrops and crocuses peeping through,a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

CT Scan

I have yet again to sing the praises of the people looking after me.Went for my scan today and was all wired up and ready to go,lay down and 20 seconds later had to sit up as I cant breathe laying on my back.So we waited a bit and tried again but no go .I said that i could lay on my front so the lovely staff spent the next 5 mins phoning various people and eventually came back and said it was OK.So I had my scan and they even found out that the computer flips the images so that they are the right way round. Without their concern I would not have had the scan so thank you Singleton hospital yet again.
Now the wait for the results to see if this chemo is working.Sometimes I think yes but judging by my breathing I have my doubts so we shall see.Next week it will be 4 years since I was first diagnosed and my life changed and all my plans went with it.Upwards and onwards !!!