Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas past

Carole.s blog has reminded me of traditions that differ in each family.We were always allowed to open our Santa presents when we woke which would always include a colouring book and my favourite of all a paper doll with cut out dresses with tabs which you folded over the shoulders to create your own look !!We opened family presents after Christmas dinner but also AFTER THE DISHES WERE WASHED!!!!I hated this idea but I must admit I carried it on.You have never seen dishes washed,dried and put away so quickly and the parents dont have to argue with the children.Brilliant !
We would then have a second opening and more things to occupy us .We never had a lot but we knew that a lot of sacrifice went into our gifts
My daughter is 27 and she still has a colouring book and pencils and we sit and colour.
Once the sprouts are boiling it is all downhill from there .
Festive greetings to everyone and a breahthrough in 2011

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Getting there !!

After the excitement of recent weeks,I am now able to spend more than a few minutes at a time away from the sofa !!I actually went to Tesco yesterday and with the aid of resting on the trolley and Rick doing the legwork have stocked up on all but the veg.Those that know me will understant what a huge thing it has been for the Queen of Christmas shopping to stay home while the shops are selling Christmas goodies !!!!My parents and our son and his wife and baby are here for Christmas but instead of me doing it all which I love,we are all pitching in.It is so good to get dressed most days and be able to do small jobs.
Had fabulous news today from Dot,the spots have gone from her lungs(fab news for me too as mine has spread )and she can enjoy her Christmas and Tony is sounding his old self and dear Carole is taking control of her bag.2011 has to be a good year for us all.
Getting ready for a cyber drink tomorrow on off topic with the lovely people here,just because we cant go out doesnt mean we cant get together over a drink or two and be together in spirit(or in spirits)
All that is left is to put the sprouts on to boil.About 7am Christmas morning should give them enough time to be cooked by 1.30pm!!!
Getting excited now.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I love the NHS !!!

As you know I have been having tight chest and breathing problems and am waiting to see the heart specialist next Monday.Last Thursday I was off my food and all night I vomited if I stood up  and had to sit upright all night being sick if I sipped water or anything.At 8.30 Ricky rang our surgery and requested a home visit and the GP came 1/2 hour later and took my BP which was 140 over 60.He said I need ed to be admitted and rang thehospital and ambulance.The hospital did all tests and the echo showed a lot more fluid in the pericardium of the heart than 4 weeks ago andneeded to be drained but the specialists teach on Friday so they rang Morriston hospital where they said 2 doctors would do it if I could get there immediately.Blue light ambulance ride later straight into treatment room where 2 doctors and 2 nurses were waiting .
One had the monitor showing my heart which should have been filling the pericardium sack but 2/3 of it was fluid with a heart desperately trying to pump and the other side the doctor  inserted the needle into the heart space to drain the fluid while i watched it on the screen with. full commentary .Rather painful on times but for a good reason as they drained off 600mlof fluid and a further 300 into the drain overnight.How on earth can almost 1 litre of fluid be where it shouldnt?So at 8.30 we rang a doctor and by 4pm it was all over!!!I can now walk upstairs without tightness and my heart fits the space it is meant for!It shouldlnt reoccur as I am no longer on Sutent but  the lovely doc said if it does to ring him straight to save silly waiting time !!!To think that years ago doctors didnt even talk to the patients.
So all in all an exciting time with a good result.
Hope all my cyber pals have equally good results.
Came home Monday