Sunday, 29 May 2011


Sorry,I have tried to enter posts on your blogs Tony Lisa and Carole but something not right somewhere so will try to sort it soon.So sorry things are not good tont ,have sent you a PM.Carole,dont overdo things,you have been through a tremendous ordeal,as if I need to remind you !!!.Little steps.
Lisa,I remember when Debbie was about 6 (23 years ago)she was invited to a party and after 10 mins of"I sit by her in singing" and "shes got long hair" and various other descriptions I was non the wiser .Then she said"shes got a brown face",the last thing she thought of !!!so it is lovely as you say that they dont make an issue of things.
Take care all
Rose xxx


  1. Rose darling,

    I am getting a bit worried about you and hoping your absences mean you are just taking a well earned rest.

    When you are ready please let us know how you are getting on.

    Much Love

    Tony xxx

  2. Hi Rose

    Also hoping you're ok

    Much much love


  3. Rose,

    Missing you and wondering how you're doing?

    Hugs xxxx

  4. Rose,

    We're all still missing you....let us know how you are as soon as possible please

    Hugs xxxx

  5. Missing you terribly dear friend.......RIP Rose

    Tony xxx

  6. Me too Tony....:(

    Five months tomorrow and I still miss you daily Rose

    Sleep tight lovely lady :(