Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Scan results

Appt. with Prof today and the last chemo has stopped working,hence the breathing problems worsening.Starting on Gemcitabine next week,unfortunately not tablet form but does not cause hair to fall out and is good for breast and lung cancer so fingers crossed. 7th chemo now so cant say we are not trying.Would be amazing if I could breathe properly,but really good that there were no hidden tumours anywhere.Hope everyone is coping with their own trials.What a lot of people on the forum now,takes ages to work through the list.Far too many people going through this.
Lovely to see the snowdrops and crocuses peeping through,a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way.


  1. Hi Rose,

    Hard to hear you say that the Chemo has stopped working but very glad to hear that there is an alternative suitable for you.

    After 7 different Chemo's you're not on a Marathon, you're on a Chemothon...:-)

    Huge hugs Rose and remember that we are all there for you - all the way, all the time....

    Much luv as always xxxx

  2. Big relief about no hidden tumours - but just wish the chemo could help with your breathing, Rose. Hopefully this new one will sort you out a bit. I'm so glad you're so well looked after.
    You're right, the forum is very busy. I prefer to think that there are the same number of people out there, but more that have discovered the benefit of joining the forum.
    I'm in Suffolk with my brother this week, and spring has definitely started arriving here - the daffs are almost blooming. At home they're just peeping through.
    You take care dear friend. You are such an inspiration and are holding so many hands on the forum at the moment, despite everything you're going through yourself. You are a gem.
    Much love
    Shents xxx

  3. Rose dear friend,

    I am sitting here on my first chemo and struggling a little, then I read your story on 7+ and the way you write and gain inspiration from you..I hope you don't mind me talking about me me me again... Stay cool Rose and we will see you soon!... T xx

  4. Actually it was my 2nd chemo as the first lot didn't work out :-)

  5. Hi Rose
    Haven't seen you about for a while. Just wondering if you're ok?
    Shents xxx

  6. Hi Rose,

    Know from your post on CC that you've been really under the weather lately.

    Just wanted you to know that you are never far from my thoughts and am sending you a big (gentle) hug and lots of love.

    Carole xxxx (((hugs)))