Thursday, 17 February 2011

CT Scan

I have yet again to sing the praises of the people looking after me.Went for my scan today and was all wired up and ready to go,lay down and 20 seconds later had to sit up as I cant breathe laying on my back.So we waited a bit and tried again but no go .I said that i could lay on my front so the lovely staff spent the next 5 mins phoning various people and eventually came back and said it was OK.So I had my scan and they even found out that the computer flips the images so that they are the right way round. Without their concern I would not have had the scan so thank you Singleton hospital yet again.
Now the wait for the results to see if this chemo is working.Sometimes I think yes but judging by my breathing I have my doubts so we shall see.Next week it will be 4 years since I was first diagnosed and my life changed and all my plans went with it.Upwards and onwards !!!


  1. Got everything crossed tightly for you lovely lady...

    I'm so glad that you get good care Rose because it really does make a difference.

    Take good care and rest up xxxx

  2. You deserve the best dear friend...everything crossed, my toes have gone blue!

    Much Love

    Tony xxxx

  3. Keeping positive thoughts for a wonderful outcome. Hopefully, you will received them sooner than later. For me, waiting for the results has been one of the hardest things to deal with since I have been diagnosed.


  4. Hey Rose,
    David has included the most wonderful poem on his blog - 'May You Always Have an Angel Watching out for You.'
    I have no doubt that a lovely gal like you has a crowd of angels looking after you and holding your hand. I'm no angel but I'm sending you all the love and luck I can.
    Much love
    Shents xxxx