Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hills and valleys

After another chest infection which has left me eating very little and having absolutely no energy (again)I asked to not have chemo this week as I just could not face it,even though it is quite a mild one.after taking my bloods they agreed that I should have a week off but needed a blood transfusion .So today i had 2 pints of the red stuff and what a difference!!I feel almost human again,which is just as well because the children(??  28 and 30) have booked a cottage for a weekfor Ricky and me and for the weekend with them and the grandchildren on a farm.While I was looking forward to it I was afraid of not being able to do anything but now I,m really excited.So  dont worry as I wont be on here for a week.
Hope you guys are enjoying the fabulous weather and managing to cope with all we have thrown at us.
I am going to have a bottle of Bishops Finger tomorrow in memory of David.
Take care lovely friends,will speak soon.


  1. Lovely news Rose, a week off AND a week away - excellent :-)

    Pace yourself and do only what you can, no more. Have a lovely lovely time and take lots of photo's to show us when you get back.

    I too will join you in raising a glass to our David tomorrow.

    Hugs xxxx

  2. Hey Lovely lady,

    Glad you are feeling better...I will also join you both in raising a glass to our David.

    Much Love

    T xxxx