Monday, 21 March 2011

Back again

Thought it was about time I rallied myself and updated my blog.The tiredness was so bad that I kept meaning to type but kept putting it off until after my next sleep but as we know sleep while on chemo doesnt really make you less tired.Visited my GP as my arm was huge and I couldnt close my fingers,never suffered from lymphoedema before,but he looked at it and said it is more than that it ia cellulitis and infected from top to bottom which was why I was so lethargic on top of everything else.So 2 weeks of antibiotocs which were foul and tasted as I would imagine Athletes foot would taste.Finished those but within 2 days the infection started again so more antibiotics and I am now under the Lymphoedema clinic so all going the right way.
Chemo seems to be doing its job and the tumours feel slightly smaller so scan in May unless anything changes.I have hormone tablets to try to increase weight as I am now under 9 stone whereas I was 11 before.Had a lovely lamb dinner yesterday.We have an arrangement that as I cant cook now we buy it,my daughter and SIL come down and cook it and son and DIL clear up!!!Brilliant.We see the children and grandchildren and have a lovely meal into the bargain.I have always loved Sunday lunch and always cooked for us all so it is nice to have that again.
Lovely to see the sunshine and gorgeous flowers everywhere,a real boost.
Hope everyone is coping well with all that is being thrown at us.
Rose xx


  1. Rose - You never cease to amaze me with your lovely, positive, upbeat posts.
    You must have been SO uncomfortable with your arm all swollen - on top of everything else, and yet you make it sound like a little inconvenience! I would have been twisting on and looking for sympathy - but not you - you're so brave.
    Anyway - has the swelling gone down at all? Are you feeling less tired?
    Your roast dinners sound fab, and a great arrangement you've got going there - I'm sure its just as nice for them as it is for you.
    The sunshine is a welcome sight. Another beautiful day here in Northumberland.
    Much love as always xxx

  2. Yes the arm has gone down a bit and I can close my hand.One arm looks like a chicken wing and the other like a sausage.Getting a bit of energy back but have the body of a 70 year old,how can muscles just disappear?I,m not brave,the young ones who have to go through this and look after children are the unsung heroes.
    Take care
    Rose xxx

  3. Rose,

    You are simply amazing lovely lady. Whatever this nasty *$%^ throws at you, you still manage to find the positive amongst it all.

    I had Cellulitis on my leg a few years ago after picking up a nasty insect bite. It's not a minor inconvenience, it's SOOOO painful!

    Yum yum to the lamb dinner, sounds delicious and I love the arrangements in place too.

    Big hugs Rose - you are totally inspirational xxxx